Does your cabinet not have a middle shelf or only has a "half shelf" in the back (see below for "half shelf" description)?

Now, you can easily install a shelf to your cabinet with our Add-A-Shelf, a piece of 9 ply, 5/8" thick Birch with its front-edge its appearance is the same as our Pullout Shelves.

We will cut your Add-A-Shelf to your ordered width and include everything you need to easily install this shelf in your cabinet.

Shipping is free when the Add-A-Shelf accompanies your Pullout Shelf order.

Simply measure the inside WIDTH of your cabinet and subtract 1/4" to get your ordered width.

The Add-A-Shelf is always 18 inches DEEP which will accommodate the installation of any Pullout Shelf that you order for it.

If you have a "Half Shelf" in the back of your cabinet and want to install an Add-A-Shelf in front of it, you can reduce the depth of the Add-A-Shelf so that it will fit in front of the "Half Shelf"and extend up to the front of your cabinet. If you want to reduce the depth for your Add-A-Shelf, click the Depth Box and enter the depth from the front of your Half Shelf to the front of the cabinet (inside edge) less 1/4".

The Add-A-Shelf is a great solution to a common problem that is easy to install and reasonably priced! 

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